Full translation of Daesung Phone Call

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From 27:00 to 33:42

YB: Ah, I think Daesung is…

DS: Hello

YB: Gonnichiwa~ 

DS: Gonnichiwa~

DS: Wait, are we just doing this?

SR: Hello?

DS: Hello?

SR: Is this Daesung from Bigbang?

DS: Yes, this is he

SR: Please sing for us

DS: This sudden?

SR: Yeah, please sing a song for us

DS: Your eyes, nose, lips. Your touch that used to touch me~

YB: As expected, you’re great

SR: You’re great

SR: We’re broadcasting live on Starcast right now, so please say hello to your fans

DS: Hey Everyone! Just like last year, I greet you from Japan again.

DS: This is Daesung~

SR: Yeah~ Round of applause!

YB: We told our fans that you are really popular in Japan right now, and that you are having a tour concert.

YB: How are you doing? What are you doing these days?

DS: Just like what you said, I’m touring in Japan

DS: And I have a concert in Sapporo tomorrow so I’m staying at a hotel in Sapporo

SR: Oh~ So you’re at Sapporo

DS: Yeah

SR: Did you eat a lot of delicious food at Japan? And are you doing well?

SR: It’s been a while since we last met

YB: I know right

DS: Right. Actually, I’m eating well and doing fine.

YB: We just introduced you, but in your opinion, how popular are you in Japan right now? You’re really popular, right?

DS: Me?

YB: We don’t know exactly how popular you are, but we do know that your popularity is no joke in Japan.

YB: We said that your popularity could be compared to Yon-sama’s, and that you’re huge in Japan

YB: It’s even more than that, right?

DS: No~ It’s not that great and it’s just… really, really, really… it’s all thanks to my fans

SR: You’re talking to us from Japan, and our main person today is Taeyang hyung

SR: Taeyang hyung’s Eyes, Nose, Lips is really popular… what do you think?

DS: I always look at stuff about him on the internet

DS: I saw that your naver viewers went over 130,000!

DS: And that it’s the first time ever for Naver Star Cast!

DS: Why, why, why

YB&SR: You’re right, you’re right

SR: It did go over 130,000 viewers!

YB: It’s still increasing right now

DS: Although our bodies are far apart, our hearts are always together

DS: So I always check news about you guys

SR: Isn’t Daesung hyung preparing a new album too?

DS: Ah, I’m preparing something. So I think maybe July…. ah, I’m not sure yet but I will try to prepare a Korean album too

YB: You received a starcast award for being the member that our fans want to see the most

YB: Your Korean fans would really like to see you on Starcast

DS: Ah, I can’t really hear well right now…

YB: Can you hear us now?

DS: I can’t really hear you

SR: Can you hear us?

DS: Hello?

SR: Hello?

DS: I can hear you now

SR: You received the “Please appear (on Starcast)” award

SR: You can appear on Starcast sometime, right?

DS: Ah, really?

YB: When you’re album is released

DS: Yeah, maybe when my album is out. I’ll be really grateful if you guys invite me next time.

SR: Good luck with preparing for your Japan Tour and we’ll make sure to go see you too!
DS: Okay~ Come

SR: I don’t think he sounds very happy about that?

DS: No no~

YB: Can we come?

DS: Yes, come~ come~

YB: Anyways, thank you for answering our call although you’re busy

YB: And lastly, please say something to our fans. Our fans really miss you.

DS: I also really…  Well, I wasn’t able to promote a lot in Korea, so I’m very sorry about that

DS: I’ll work hard to prepare something, and I’ll meet you guys with a good album, so please support me a lot

DS: And everyone in Korea seems to be in the <Eyes, Nose, Lips> craze

DS: I also gain strength from that, even though I’m far away

DS: So I’m very happy about that and Bigbang from now on…

YB: Daesung-ssi! I have something that I’m personally curious about

YB: You use(Big)(Sound) for your name, right?

DS: *misunderstands* No~ I use(Big)(Sound)!

DS: Psy hyung gave me this other nickname…

YB: That’s what I said, I said(Big)(Sound)!

DS: It’s not(Big) (Sex)! It’s(Big)(Sound)!

(T/N: The Hanja characters for Sex and Sound have the same sound, “Sung”)

SR: We never said(Big) (Sex)!! What are you talking about?!!!

DS: Isn’t that what you said?

SR: Not, Sung()meaning sex but Sung() meaning sound! (Big)(Sound)!

YB: I asked you that! Why are you talking about something that we never even asked about!

DS: I couldn’t really hear well, the phone is…

SR: I understand that you’re lonely right now because you’re alone but…

YB: I hope you guys don’t misunderstand

YB: There was a misunderstanding

YB: Daesung’s name uses(Big)(Sound). It is NOT(Big) (Sex).

SR: Anyways, thank you so much, Daesung hyung. Let’s meet up soon~

DS: Okay~

SR: Okay~ Rest well!

DS: Okay~

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Jiyong just being Jiyong.
Jiyong just being Jiyong.

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น่ารัก Cute 

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Kwon Jiyong was being Kwon Jiyong.

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